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We are producing CPC, Carboriser, Carbon Additive, Petcoke fines and Calcined Anthracite Coal.
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anthracite coal
The manufacturing of calcined anthracite coal begins with carefully selecting high-quality raw anthracite coal. It is then crushed, sized, and subjected to calculation in a specialized kiln or furnace. This high-temperature process removes volatile components, enhancing stability and increasing carbon content. After cooling and optional screening, the calcined anthracite coal is packaged for distribution. With reduced volatile matter and higher carbon content, it excels in thermal and electrical conductivity, serving as a valuable carbon additive in steel manufacturing, foundries, and carbon electrode production. Environmental considerations, including emissions control and waste management, are prioritized throughout the process to minimize environmental impact.
  • Total Moisture (TM), (arb) %. : 3.79
  • Moisture in analysis sample, adb % : 6.40
  • Ash, adb % : 6.38
  • Ash, db % : 6.82
  • Fixed Carbon (FC), adb % : 84.13
  • Sulphur as S, adb % : 0.20
  • Sulphur as S, db % : 0.21
pet coke
Petroleum coke, commonly known as pet coke, is a carbon-rich solid residue produced during the refining process of crude oil. Its manufacturing involves the thermal decomposition of heavy oil fractions under high temperatures in specialized coking units. These units use either delayed coking or fluid coking techniques to convert the residual oil into pet coke. The process involves heating the oil to extreme temperatures, causing the hydrocarbon molecules to break down, leaving behind a solid carbonaceous material. Pet coke is extensively used as a fuel in various industrial applications, such as cement production, power generation, and steel manufacturing, due to its high calorific value and low ash content.
  • Ash, adb% : 0.34
  • Ash, db% : 0.34
  • Sulphur as S, adb% : 4.53
  • Sulphur as S, db% : 4.54